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Coming to Ourselves

Thank you, Emily, for the warm welcome. And thank you to my mom and dad for  thinking that this was a good idea.   It’s an honor, and frankly a...


Tender Care: A Spiritual Detox

If you’ve been following along for these Epiphany weeks, you know we’re spending time with the Gospel of Mark. The most abrupt and fast-paced of all the gos...


Tender Care: Living Under Water

As the scene opens, Pete, Delmar, and Everett are seated around a campfire: hungry, scared, and on the run. They’re outlaws you see, having barely escaped a M...


Christmas Eve 2023

Christmas Eve Worship: For Good News of Great Joy

Just the other day, I was checking out in the line at Target with what I was sure was the last Christmas present I’d need to buy (spoiler alert, it wasn’t!)...


Attending Church: Presence

Cartoonist and comedian Seth MacFarlane, creator of “The Family Guy” show, was interviewed a dozen years ago on NPR’s Fresh Air about a new album he had c...


The Resurrection Way of Us 

You’ve heard me tell pastor Tom Long’s story, where, as the brand new pastor of a small church, he decided to try out a new teaching opportunity — a pasto...