Pastors and Deacons visit members in the hospital and offer prayers before and after surgeries. They text and call with folks experiencing anxiety or hardship in daily life. They send birthday cards, mark significant anniversaries of loss, bring meals or a listening presence during tough seasons, and celebrate new life and opportunities. They seek out ways to connect members together with one another “for the living of these days.”

Beyond the pastoral care ministry of our pastors and Deacons, our Care Notes Ministry is a monthly card-writing and sending gathering for any who are interested. These folks gather on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00am in the Ammons-Lolley Commons to write notes to home-centered members, new members and visitors, family members following a death, members who have been away or ill, all the while enjoying each other’s presence while writing.

All of this ministry is undergirded by the large number of current and former ministers, chaplains, and social workers in our congregation. We know how much care and connection matter for one’s well-being and sense of belonging, and are constantly exploring ways to grow deep and wide in our commitments to one another.


Should you desire to know more about the care and connection ministries of our church, please contact Amy McClure.