Background Checks

Anyone who desires to work (paid or volunteer) with minors is required to complete a screening form, be interviewed by the age-group Minister, and pass a criminal background check. Volunteers must be members of First Baptist on Fifth for at least six months or known to the age-group Minister for a minimum of one year and actively involved in other areas of church ministry such as Sunday morning Bible study, small group study, fellowship activities. In addition to the above requirements, individuals who have been members of First Baptist on Fifth for less than six months may serve as volunteers upon verification of references and approval of the age-group Minister.

Every effort will be made to assure that one adult is not left alone with one minor. In the event of only one available adult with one minor, the following action(s) will be taken by the age-group Minister or responsible party:

  • Open Door Policy – all classroom doors must remain open.
  • One on One Meetings– the volunteer will inform the age-group Minister or responsible party of the meeting time and place with the minor and will arrange to meet in a public place.
  • Bathroom Policy – preschool bathroom doors will remain partially open.

CPR/First Aid

Every teacher and staff member who works with children and youth completed a CPR and first aid training in the summer of 2023, along with a number of other church leaders as well. A defibrillator and first aid kits are centrally-located in the building, and a team of volunteer medical professionals stand at the ready should any medical emergency arise.

Should you desire to read more about our protection policy for minors, click here.

Hearing Assistance

First Baptist on Fifth is in the process of implementing two opportunities to broaden our hearing assistance with the addition of a t-coil hearing assist system in the Sanctuary and the use of a real-time closed captioned app in worship called Otter AI.

Mobility Accessibility

Our building is accessible for those who use wheelchairs, as well as those with limited mobility. A ramp extends from the ground level to the 2nd floor entrance just outside the Sanctuary on the Poplar Street side. The church house’s elevator is located closest to the Poplar Street side entrance into the back of the building, and extends to all public-use spaces in the building. Flexible seating is provided throughout all rooms in the building for those who use wheelchairs or who require flexible seating, and is set aside in multiple spaces in the Sanctuary.


Seven parking spaces on a concrete surface are available immediately adjacent to the church house for those needing greater ease with parking. Street parking on both Poplar and Spruce allow for visitors to enter the church house on the ground floor.

Sexual Misconduct

Beginning in 2024, all pastoral staff, along with the Personnel Committee and Deacon Officers, will receive annual training pertaining to sexual misconduct and how to respond to complaints that may arise among staff or congregational members or participants.

The basic principles of conduct guiding this policy are as follows:

  1.  Sexual misconduct is a violation of the role of pastors, employees, volunteers, counselors, supervisors, teachers, and advisors of any kind who are called upon to exercise integrity, sensitivity, and caring in a trust relationship. It breaks the covenant to act in the best interests of congregants, clients, co-workers, and students.
  2. Sexual misconduct is a misuse of authority and power that breaches Christian ethical principles by misusing a trust relation to gain advantage over another for personal pleasure in an abusive, exploitative, and unjust manner. If the congregant, student, client, or employee initiates or invites sexual content in the relationship, it is the pastor’s, counselor’s, officer’s, or supervisor’s responsibility to maintain the appropriate role and prohibit a sexual relationship.
  3. Sexual misconduct takes advantage of the vulnerability of persons who are less powerful to act for their own welfare, including children. It is antithetical to the gospel and violates the mandate to protect the vulnerable from harm.


All restrooms in the church house are family or gender neutral restrooms, and most are wheelchair accessible with a changing table unit inside.

Additional Trainings for Church Staff and Members

Our church leadership has identified a need for deeper, more thorough and generative training particularly as we journey alongside the neurodiverse members in our congregation, those who have experienced trauma, and those with special needs. It is of high priority to seek out these opportunities to learn and deepen our commitments to being a church home for all.