kids in classroom


The life of following Jesus is a life of formation and transformation, conversing with each other and the context within which we live. Within First on Fifth, we understand one of our commitments to be a teaching and learning church, prioritizing this rhythm and commitment to a life of growth.

We do so first in weekday small groups or Sunday School classes, where a group of people commit to regular gatherings where they share study, care for one another, and connect deeply within the sacred space they’ve created. Our shared growth nudges us beyond where we have been toward God’s dream for this world that is at hand.


Because God is our creator, and our creation in God’s image makes us creative beings, our art endeavors reflect our relationship with God. The Arts Ministry encourages the development of our artistic gifts and the use of those gifts in worship, discipleship, evangelism, and service. We invite you to express and deepen your relationship with God through music, drama, visual art, film, and dance.