At the heart of our community’s practices is that of Sunday worship. Each week we gather—some in person, others online —to practice the ancient work of the people, the “liturgy” of which we speak. Our worship is participatory, members and staff alike in conversation with each other and with God, to whom we direct our thanksgiving.

Each Sunday’s service moves through the rhythm of gathering, confessing, proclaiming, and sending, collecting our praise and thanksgiving, truth-telling and hearing into one shared space with each other. “What is the good news today?” orients us to Jesus, in whom all good news is made known.


Worship lives at the heart of our beloved community here at First on Fifth, drawing all ages, all backgrounds, all genders, all people near to the heart of God and one another. Thus, it is wholly born out of the gathered community, shaped by our voices, our bodies, our presence, our hearts. We voice our prayers and sing our hymns together, actively participating not passively consuming. Worship asks something of us – to be alert and ready for God to speak, and thus to be vulnerable and willing to listen. This kind of communal, corporate worship intentionally frees us from our culture’s obsession with individualism, and we are transformed by it! For God is our ‘audience,’ and each of us – ministers and members alike – are the ‘performers,’ offering the fullness of who we are to the fullness of who God is. Upon the conclusion of worship, Pastor Emily’s benediction reminds us that “we end this form of worship to begin again the worship that is our very lives,” leaving our church house to go be doers of the word we’ve heard and spoken, prayed and sung, confessed and received, shared and given.




Because God is our creator, and our creation in God’s image makes us creative beings, our art endeavors reflect our relationship with God. The Arts Ministry encourages the development of our artistic gifts and the use of those gifts in worship, discipleship, evangelism, and service. We invite you to express and deepen your relationship with God through music, drama, visual art, film, and dance.


shot of Jake Hill playing the piano.

Special Services

Our faith community embraces significant life moments through communal practices that reflect our shared journey in faith. Whether you’re considering the sacred step of baptism, the affirming call to ordination, the joyous union of marriage, or the tender remembrance of a life through funeral services, our church is here to support and guide you.



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