Among the greatest gifts we can offer to the larger community around us and to each other is the gift of loving our neighbors. That is at the heart of our commitment—first to our downtown community in Winston-Salem and then to the world around us. “Loving our neighbors” is tangible and real. It means meeting immediate needs like that of housing or food. It means attending our mental and emotional health, and prioritizing the flourishing of all people. It means pooling our money with other Baptists for the sake of the world’s most neglected. It means weaving our strands of connection to partners in ministry here in Winston-Salem with intention and purpose. Our commitment to serving our neighbors puts us squarely in the path of Jesus, who understood that people are seen and known when their whole self is received with care and compassion.

Volunteer Coordinator

We believe that giving of ourselves in service is right at the heart of a joyful life lived following Jesus. Should you desire to learn more about how you might serve, please contact Emily Hull McGee.