Among the most vibrant ministries within First on Fifth comes to life with our church’s home-centered folks, those whose daily life roots in the warmth of their homes. (These wise teachers helped many in our congregation through the early pandemic days when all of us became home-centered!) Through monthly care notes, weekly visits from Deacons and staff, and annual churchwide visits at Christmas to deliver poinsettias, our shared love for God and each other rests at the center of our mutual care.

First Baptist has a special relationship with Brookridge Baptist Retirement Home, where a number of our members live and thrive. A dedicated team of church volunteers take the worshiping experience to Brookridge each Sunday, gathering any who are interested in worshiping together online in a communal setting.

Our Home-Centered Ministry Team welcomes any who are interested in volunteering with them!


Should you have any questions about our Home-Centered Ministry, please contact Amy McClure, Associate Pastor for Children, Senior Adults, and Pastoral Care.