The Butner Fund for Mental Health has become one of our church’s greatest assets and resources for members and friends alike. Over the course of the Fund’s existence, we have been able to offer financial assistance to over 100 individuals and couples in need of counseling and step into critical care situations with resources at the ready. The choice of a counselor is left up to each individual, yet the financial burden is shared between a small copay per visit paid by the individual directly to the counseling office, and the visit’s cost is filed with the individual’s insurance. The church then is able to cover the remaining balance.

The Butner Fund has enabled our church to be a primary financial partner of the Trinity Center in downtown Winston-Salem and to offer annual support to Trellis Hospice Care for counseling services for beloved and bereaved friends and family.


Should you desire to speak to a minister about becoming one supported in your counseling journey by the Butner Fund, please contact Amy McClure. All Butner Fund information remains confidential.