Among the many vital practices of the Christian life is that of giving, where out of what we have – not just out of our abundance! – we offer a portion to the common good. We practice that at First on Fifth by inviting all members to give of themselves to the beloved community.

Sometimes this looks like our financial resources, letting our money flow from our own pockets into the larger waters of common care. Sometimes this means our time and interest, committing ourselves to lead or serve our church in ways that connect need with passion. Sometimes this offers us an opportunity to shepherd financial resources given long ago, whose careful stewardship over time yields things like scholarships for divinity school students, funds for mental health counseling, dollars for benevolence needs, resources to care for our sacred space.

Of course, the amount is never what matters most; it’s the practice of giving out of what we have that allows us to relinquish whatever tight hold we carry and open our hands to what might happen next.


Making direct contributions from your bank account through monthly bank drafts or online bill pay is preferred because it saves on processing fees. To initiate a monthly bank draft, please complete an authorization form.



Using bank online bill pay is a very popular option, because it allows the donor to maintain complete control and avoids associated fees or direct costs to the church. Contact your bank to initiate this service, or contact us with any questions.



Online giving is an easy and secure way to support our ministries. This service does carry direct costs to the church related to the frequency of your gift.



In order to make direct stock, IRA rollover, or other gifts of assets, please contact finance at



First Baptist on Fifth
501 W. Fifth St.
Winston Salem, 27101


Places to Give

The first place that all members and friends of the church are encouraged to give is to our Ministry Funding Plan, the annual dollars that fund the regular ministries and missions of the church. The Ministry Funding Plan sustains everything from supplies for children and youth to our building utilities, investing in our excellent staff to supporting over 27 partners in mission and ministry around the world, and all the things in between. In short, the Ministry Funding Plan enables us to “be church” together.

If you’re looking for a way to give outside of the Ministry Funding Plan, there are five designated funds that our Finance Committee encourages members to support:

  1. Anniversary Endowment Fund: Established in 2022; earnings will be available to further of the work of the Church.
  2. FBC Missions Fund: Used to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people locally and in other parts of the country and the world.
  3. FBC Ministries Fund: Supports ongoing and unforeseen opportunities for ministries and programs within the Church.
  4. John 3:16 Benevolence Fund: Used to meet emergency needs of members and nonmembers..
  5. Building Maintenance Fund: Supports all aspects of the facility and equipment maintenance and repair not included in the annual Ministry Funding Plan.

Should you desire to discuss a designated gift to the church outside of these five funds, please reach out to Pastor Emily.

As always, thank you for your faithful support of the ministries and missions of First Baptist on Fifth!


Stories of Impact

The story of First Baptist on Fifth is told through the experiences of all of those impacted by our community of faith. Within our congregation, or as a part of our larger family in the community, our impact is felt in countless ways.


Explore our Impact

John 3:16 Innovation for Ministry Fund

Blessed by an anonymous gift of $60,000, given for the purpose of funding new, short-term ministries during the period of Fall 2019 to Fall 2021, the church invites proposals for two kinds of Innovation in Ministry Mini-Grants.

Learn more and Apply