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Defying Norms: Insider/Outsider

When the Russian-Finnish border was being redrawn, the old story goes, a farmer was told that the boundary line passed right through the middle of his land...


Coming to Ourselves

Thank you, Emily, for the warm welcome. And thank you to my mom and dad for  thinking that this was a good idea.   It’s an honor, and frankly a...


Tender Care: A Spiritual Detox

If you’ve been following along for these Epiphany weeks, you know we’re spending time with the Gospel of Mark. The most abrupt and fast-paced of all the gos...


Tender Care: Living Under Water

As the scene opens, Pete, Delmar, and Everett are seated around a campfire: hungry, scared, and on the run. They’re outlaws you see, having barely escaped a M...


Christmas Eve 2023

Christmas Eve Worship: For Good News of Great Joy

Just the other day, I was checking out in the line at Target with what I was sure was the last Christmas present I’d need to buy (spoiler alert, it wasn’t!)...


Attending Church: Presence

Cartoonist and comedian Seth MacFarlane, creator of “The Family Guy” show, was interviewed a dozen years ago on NPR’s Fresh Air about a new album he had c...


The Resurrection Way of Us 

You’ve heard me tell pastor Tom Long’s story, where, as the brand new pastor of a small church, he decided to try out a new teaching opportunity — a pasto...