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Attending Church: Presence

Cartoonist and comedian Seth MacFarlane, creator of “The Family Guy” show, was interviewed a dozen years ago on NPR’s Fresh Air about a new album he had c...


Attending Church: Abundant Imagination

If I told you a world without poverty is possible - would you believe me? I grew up in a family that faithfully attended a small Baptist church in the mountains...


Attending Church: Fruitfulness

Over these past few weeks, we’ve been looking together in the parables of the Gospel of Matthew, listening to Jesus use these short, enigmatic stories intende...


Attending Church: Responsibility

These fall weeks, we’ve journeyed with Jesus through the Gospel of Matthew – first in an agrarian stretch of parables through Matthew chapter 13, learning o...


Attending Church: Stewardship

There once was a man named Pahom. Pahom loved land, truly more than anything in the world. He loved the land so much that he convinced himself it was necessary ...