Rayce Lamb

| February 18th, 2024

Creator God, be with us. Hear our prayers as we travel on this, at times, bewildering journey called life. Help us to remember that this journey is unique to each and every one of us. For some, we see a trail ahead that is easy, flat, and surrounded by your beauty. And for some, we see just a faint path disappearing into a dense wilderness of uncertainty – a trailhead covered by briars and we wonder if what is on the other side is really worth the journey ahead. 

As we travel together on this journey, O God, help us find your divinity. In the midst of our hustle culture, remind us to pause so that we may see the blooms that seeds of rest can produce. In the midst of our doubts – in our wonderings of when gun violence will end, in our wonderings so what this year’s election will bring, in our wonderings of if a world of peace is even really possible – remind us to pause and fell against our skin how the prevailing winds are blowing toward justice. In the minds of our fears – our fears that we may not be enough – remind us, O God that through you, we are just that: enough. 

God, we ask that you embrace those among us who are struggling this morning. Be with those who are sick. Those who are mourning. Those who fear what tomorrow might hold and remind us, O God, that you are here and we are not alone. 

Remind us that in you we can find peace. In you, we can find home. In you, we can find love. Love that is gentle enough to touch every being’s soul, but radical enough to bring forth a world rooted in justice. It is in this belief that we come together as a community to pray the prayer that you taught us to pray. Our father…