David Williamson

May 5th, 2024

Creator God, as the birds greeted the dawn with their songs this day, so we have greeted you with our songs of praise. 

As the flowers open to the sun above, 

our hearts mirror their movement by opening to the Son of righteousness. And so we join with all of creation to praise the one who calls us into existence with each new day. 

You created such a beautiful world, O Lord, but we have distorted it going our own way; and just like Adam and Eve, as they stood in the newness of creation, we are ashamed. In the midst of the decay we often bring upon ourselves, Creator God, we ask you to do a new work of creation beginning in our very hearts – for if you begin with our hearts, all can be made right. 

We are reminded, in this spring of new growth, 

that it is your nature to create over and over again, 

lavishly, abundantly, extravagantly, 

almost to the point that your generosity can be mistaken for wastefulness. In you everything is made new. 

And so we call on you to create again, 

to remember the world that was born out of your love. 

Our memories are only as long as the latest news cycle. 

In most recent days we have heard of bombs falling on one part of our world while tent cities of protest rise in another. 

Yet, we have already forgotten the kidnapped children of Ukraine, but you have not. O God of the suffering, your memory is long and your compassion deep. Heal this world that you created. 

Break our hearts for the harsh language we use with one another. 

Let violence be overcome with peace. 

Let hatred be overcome by love. 

Let pride and arrogance be overcome by humility. 

Let every disease, cancer, mental illness, every broken relationship be healed. Let creation be restored; 

let Eden be made new as on that day when the birdsong greeted the sun for the very first time. 

O powerful, sovereign God, please do your work of creation in us. 

We pray in the name ofJesus who was the firstborn of all creation, for in him all things in heaven and on earth were created, 

things visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or powers – all things have been created through him and for him. 

And it is in his name that we pray the prayer he taught us: