Cyrus Bush

May 12th, 2024

God, our creator and sustainer, On this beautiful Sunday morning 

As we gather in this room that has been a sacred place of worship through the decades,

we come, longing to experience true worship … with a desire to bring something of value and worth that will bless your heart.

You have told us to “be still know that you are God” and a part of us is willing to do that, but there is another … very large part of us that has been so conditioned by the constant stream of more and more bits of information … through media … and social media, that we honestly find it difficult to slow down … difficult to close our eyes and be present with you. 

So, in this moment, as we pause to take a deep breath… and attempt to be quiet … calm our hearts and help us to hear your voice.

For the beauty of the Earth, for the beauty of the skies, for the love, which from our birth over and around us lies, Lord of ALL, to you we raise our hymn of grateful praise!’

These words have been reverberating in this room, for the last little bit, and they express Our hearts! 

God, we acknowledge that you are the source, the origin of all creation, and that YOU are the one who is responsible for towering mountains, flowing rivers, stately trees, blazing sunrises and sunsets … and … All Creatures, Great and Small.

Help us to cherish and treasure all the different parts of your creation, … 

may we be good stewards of this earth and her resources. 

When we take your generosity for granted, acting in ways that are wasteful and negligent, forgive us Lord … and lead us to live more faithfully and responsibly, adopting attitudes and actions that will equip us to be better caretakers of this precious Earth.

Oh Lord, you are both Father and Mother to us … nurturing and caring for us throughout our entire life, even when we don’t feel, we deserve it.    Thank you. 

On this Mother’s Day, we give you, thanks for our mothers as well as for those who are mother figures… for the source of blessing they are in our lives … for the countless ways they guide and inspire us. 

For those mothers who today are filled with joy, we give you thanks and praise, 

For those mothers here and around the world whose hearts today are aching with unimaginable grief, and sadness, we pray for your comfort and blessing.

And … For those who are grieving the loss of their mother through death or a broken relationship, or other forms of separation, we pray your comfort and guidance. 

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin in me.

This may seem impossible, but with you, all things are possible.

Our world is so filled with violence and hatred.

Today… Millions of people in war-torn areas around the world are struggling for survival …  

In Ukraine and in Russia… in Israel… in Gaza … Ethiopia…and Haiti. 

Men and women, girls and boys … living in fear and danger … longing and praying for the day when the threat and hostility will end! For all these… Your dear ones… We pray for mercy, for comfort, for your protection and Hope.

In our own country, as we are experiencing increased Unrest, hatred, distrust, and polarization causing such concern, we pray for peace … for renewed understanding and compassion for each other.

Lord, let there be peace on earth, and let it begin in me.

For many people, there is another kind of war … an internal Civil War that is raging. 

People who need to know your peace, Lord … peace, which is beyond all understanding, 

 … remind them and remind us that we are loved … That YOU love us! 

That it is ok to love and cherish ourselves … And as we do …  to love and cherish others. 

Lord, renew us from the inside out and equip us to be your people …

Your Beloved Community …. in this place and time.

Embolden us to live authentically with ourselves and with each other … allowing your light to shine brightly through us.

All this, we pray in the name of Jesus, the one who taught us to pray.

Our father …