Worship at 11:00 am: The Third Sunday after Epiphany

January 21

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Tender Care: Fishing for People

Mark 1:14-20

Amy McClure, proclaimer

In worship on Sunday, we continue our “Tender Care” sermon series in the season of Epiphany with Jesus’ calling of the disciples in the Gospel of Mark. Pastor Amy will be our proclaimer today.  The Sanctuary Choir will lead us as they sing “Will You Come and Follow Me” and Craig Courtney’s “Come Home.”



“How do we know whether or not this truth is true? How do we find out for ourselves whether in this child born so long ago there really is the power to give us a new kind of life in which both suffering and joy are immeasurably deepened, a new kind of life in which little by little we begin to be able to love even our friends, at moments maybe even our enemies, maybe at last even ourselves, even God? … Come all ye faithful, and all ye who would like to be faithful if only you could all ye who walk in darkness and hunger for light. Have faith enough, hope enough, despair enough, foolishness enough at least to draw near to see for yourselves.”

+ Frederick Buechner, “Come and See”