Announcing Rev. Kyle Caudle, Associate Pastor for Youth, Missions, and Adults

A Word From Roper

Dear Church Family of FBC Winston-Salem,

The Personnel Committee and the Associate Pastor Search Committee unanimously recommend Reverend Kyle Caudle as our new Associate Pastor for Youth, Adults, and Missions.

The Associate Pastor Search Committee, which had representation from Personnel, Adults, Youth, and Missions, have been very busy these last six weeks, meeting on a regular basis. After resumes were accepted, the Committee reviewed the applicants and quickly narrowed the applicants to a manageable number. Zoom interviews were conducted and followed by in-person interviews. The Committee has extended an invitation to Rev. Caudle on behalf of the church to come in view of a call the weekend of May 19.

The Committee feels that the gifts Rev. Caudle brings regarding Youth, Missions, and Adults will compliment our current staff as well as propel our beloved community forward in each of these areas. We are excited to celebrate Kyle, Charla, and Kyla in the upcoming weeks.

Roper Halverson

Chair, Personnel Committee 2024



A Word From Emily 

Dear beloved community,

Last month, our friend Tim Hughes Williams reminded us: “it is the good news of the gospel that sometimes home comes to you… and sometime it’s the place where you get a brand new start to activate parts of you that were always there… and sometimes you get to go back to the room where it happened and look people in the face and tell them you love them.”

Homecomings in all those forms are good news, indeed. And this return of Kyle Caudle as one of our pastors – a homecoming in the very best sense –  is hopeful, exceptional news to share with you today!

Many of you remember how Kyle served our church so faithfully through years of transition, how he loved us – and especially our teenagers – so very well. You’ll recognize his resilient spirit and easy laughter, and come to know his sharpened sense of call and deepened pastoral sensitivities.

Many of you will meet Kyle anew, discovering his soulful writing, theological depth, joy in teaching, and relentless hope for God’s unfolding story. You’ll catch glimpses of his creativity and care, and get to know his dry humor and place right at the heart of Winston-Salem.

It is a precise joy for me to welcome Pastor Kyle to our church in this precise season, with his precise gifts, to our precise community. That joy is made complete by the God who gathers us up and welcomes us all home again and again.

Together in God’s work of Love,

Pastor Emily


“Kyle Caudle brings a depth of experience to every area of ministry on which this position focuses and he infuses that experience with personal, theological reflection. He is perfectly poised to join our pastoral staff and help lead us in this exciting time at First on Fifth.”

Mary Foskett, Adult Ministry Team

A Word from Kyle

Dear beloved community,

There’s a moment near the end of Matthew’s gospel where Jesus says “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Jesus is speaking of himself, of course, but he’s also speaking of each and every one of us. As his followers soon discover, welcoming others, feeding others, clothing others—in essence, attending to one another’s basic human needs—is to welcome Christ.

I often think of that line when I think of you, First Baptist Church on Fifth.

You have now welcomed me three times!  I could dig through the church history archives to see if this sets a new record, but I’m far more concerned about what’s going on right here, right now. Charla and I could sense it when we began attending last September after having moved back to Winston-Salem.  There is a renewed sense of welcome in this place.  I trust you have sensed this welcome too.

As I begin again in this familiar building among many familiar faces, I also know that there are so many of you I still need to meet. I look forward to hearing your stories and learning  how you too have sensed God’s welcome here. I am excited to minister alongside you and the pastoral team as we seek to extend God’s bold love and boundless compassion in  Winston-Salem and beyond.

Much love,


“Kyle brings experience and wisdom from his various life experiences to each of the areas covered by this position. I can’t wait to see how he helps lead our church in each area!” – Meredith Parker, Youth Ministry Team

“I believe everyone on our search committee can agree that Kyle is amazing. Kyle checks all the boxes of what we are looking for and we cannot wait for him to join this position. I believe he can do great things and I’m looking forward to seeing him make an impact.” – Micah Knight, Youth Ministry Team


Reverend Kyle Caudle has served churches in North Carolina and Virginia working in the areas of youth, missions, discipleship, and preaching for over 15 years. He sensed a call to ministry while serving as the Associate Director of Student Ministry at First Baptist Church on Fifth and helped with a new church start called Via Faith Community while in divinity school. 

Kyle’s favorite scriptures are the Psalms, the parables of Jesus, and the grace-filled vision of Isaiah 55 that speaks of God’s abundance. Kyle is also a singer-songwriter and musician who explores grace and prayer through songs and reflections on his newsletter

Kyle earned a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, a Master of Divinity from the Wake Forest University School of Divinity, and a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Kyle was ordained to Gospel Ministry at First Baptist Church on Fifth in 2012. 

Kyle is married to Charla, a physical therapist with the public school system and storyteller extraordinaire, and their daughter is Kyla. They live in Winston-Salem with their dog, Abby, and cat, Jane.  

“It has been a pleasure serving on the search committee, especially getting to know Kyle and having the privilege of recommending him to serve our church as one of its ministers. I represented the Missions Committee and was impressed with Kyle’s commitment to service as the face of First on Fifth to the community.” – Richard Groves, Missions Committee

“I am beyond excited that Kyle has agreed to serve in this position! Kyle, I look forward to sitting around many tables with you, and cheering you on as you bring the Good News to our church and community. It’s going to be epic!” – Joy Gambill, Personnel Committe

List of Search Committee members

Roper Halverson, Chair

Mary Foskett, Adult Ministry Team

Joy Gambill, Personnel Committee

Richard Groves, Missions Committee

Micah Knight, Youth Ministry Team

Meredith Parker, Youth Ministry Team

Emily Hull McGee, Pastor