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Today’s word of hope comes from our own Rev. David Williamson, Associate Pastor of Worship, Arts and Administration.

The relentless rains of this week have added challenge to the already challenging days of sheltering in place.  When the sun was shining at least we could go outside (or send the kids outside!).  If you find yourself needing a few centering words to relieve the anxiety of this anxious season, I offer two simple scriptures that have encouraged me over the years.  They are easy to memorize; and, if you do, you will find yourself calling them to mind regularly.

Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace –
in peace because they trust in you.
Isaiah 26:3

 In returning and rest you shall be saved;
In quietness and trust shall be your strength.
Isaiah 30:15

Peace, rest, quietness.  Let these words sustain you this day.  The following anthem (by one of my favorite composers!) was shared with me recently by Roper Halverson. Its gentle caressing of these centering words brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it.  I encourage you not to multi-task while you listen, but simply to listen in the spirit of Isaiah… in returning and rest, in quietness and trust.

The Music of Stillness by Elaine Hagenberg



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