Today’s word of hope comes from our own Rev. David Williamson, Associate Pastor for Worship, Arts & Administration

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits. 
And in God’s word I hope.

Psalm 130:5

We do not know how to wait, especially in 2020 America.  We want the pandemic to be over by Easter. We want to get back to work and to buying more than we need. We have had more than enough of limiting our movements and our consumption.  We see a few empty shelves at the grocery store — how odd that is to us! A good grocer never leaves shelves empty – unless there is no product to sell. How desperately we want everything to return to normal, to convenience.

How does the soul learn to wait? No politician or elected official will teach you that.  In the gap when there is no vaccine and only inadequate testing and data, we hope. Not optimism, but hope. The foundation of hopefulness is God’s actions in the past.  But, oh, our memories are so poor and so short. Waiting without memory is excruciating, hollow, dark. Hope grows from our memories of God’s steadfast love. Hope serves us as that spark of inner Light in the darkness.  And sometimes the inner Light is the only light. But for the one who waits for the Lord, that inner Light is enough.

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