Connecting Beyond the Walls


Today’s word of hope comes from our own Jake Hill, 

Music Associate / Organist.

For those of you who’ve enrolled in our “Daily Dose” emailing, you’ve now recognized the pattern – each day, one of your pastoral staff have taken charge to send you content to help reduce our physical distance to one another during this time of uncertainty and angst. Wednesday’s, in the coming weeks, you’ll be hearing from me!

With this opportunity, I’d like for us to journey together through some of music’s greatest offerings- those spanning from choral works to instrumental masterpieces, to the great hymns of our faith. God’s gift of music is one steeped in transformative power- such power as can unite people from all walks of life, differences aside; such power as can heal broken hearts and wounded souls; such power as can point us to His ever calming grace. I invite you to take this weekly opportunity to pause your daily lives, lay your grief and worries aside, lose yourselves in music and hear His still small voice. 

Wednesday, 25 March

We begin this week with a musical offering that departs from our current position in the liturgical calendar. While the season of Lent is top-ranking amongst my favorite times of the year, the overwhelming emotions of isolation have become very real. In a swift wave, so, too, have nations realized this new normal as borders are closed, travel is banned, and businesses go dark. We take for granted how much we rely on our connections to other people to see us to week’s end. Until the privilege is gone, we don’t fully grasp how important fellowship is with one another. This reality, albeit temporary, has weighed heavy for so many of us. But, in this solitude, as outside connections are momentarily faded, I’m reminded of the beauty of our faith as Christians: we are never apart from the God who calls us His.  

In his piece “My Lord Has Come”, Will Todd reminds us of that truth: “His love will hold me, His love will cherish me, Love will cradle me.” Friends, during this time apart, remember that we are loved, we are cherished, and we are not alone! Hear now a performance by famed choral group, VOCES8 on their 2015 recording LUX.

My Lord Has Come 

by Will Todd

Shepherds, called by angels, called by love and angels:

No place for them but a stable.

My Lord has come.

Sages, searching for stars, searching for love in heaven; 

No place for them but a stable. 

My Lord has come.

His love will hold me, His love will cherish me, Love will cradle me.

Lead me, lead me to see him, sages and shepherds and angels;

No place for me but a stable.

My Lord has come. 


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