Connecting Beyond the Walls

Today’s word of hope comes from our own Nikki Byers, interim minister for missions.

The Winston-Salem Street School (WSSS) is the organization of focus for this week’s Daily Dose.

The tagline for the WSSS is “A Road to Hope.”  The school, which is located in the John 3:16 Building (Winston-Salem Center for Education and the Arts) serves students for whom the school system simply has not worked.  The reasons for this are many and varied.  These are children who fall between the proverbial “cracks” and are typically from families at or below the poverty line.The WSSS serves as the support system for these students and for most of them the school is their family, providing the stability needed for them to be successful in school.

Currently, there are 60 students at the school: 40 are high school students (ages 14-19) and 20 are adult online students (ages 19-29). Each group is working toward their high school degree. This year 24 students will  graduate and receive their official diploma.  Sadly, there will be no graduation event this year.

During the COVID-19 pandemic WSSS is carrying on with classes online.  The high school program just started classes online because  the school had to find computers and ensure internet connection for all of the students. It is not as easy as calling Raleigh to ask for computers and hot spots since the WSSS is not part of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System.

Most of the students are adapting to online courses and the teachers are resourceful.  This is a critical ministry in our community and makes a difference to many children who would otherwise not have the support needed to help them obtain their high school degree.

How can we help during this pandemic?

We can help by providing donations to supply their food bags.  These are supplies that are available to the students each Wednesday.

The following is a list of the items needed for their Food Bags:
*Canned foods
*Peanut butter
*Fruit cups
*Mac n cheese
*Granola / fruit bars
*Spaghetti sauce


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