Connecting Beyond the Walls

Today’s word of hope comes from our own Rev. David Williamson, Associate Pastor of Worship, Arts and Administration.

The Lord has given me the tongue of a teacher
that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word.
Isaiah 50:4 

How grateful we are for teachers during this season of sheltering in place.  As I have spoken with several teachers in our congregation during these past weeks, I find myself constantly amazed at your creativity, compassion, and tireless devotion to your students.  You are one of the valued treasures that have been revealed during this pandemic. (I’m sure I speak for ALL parents of students!) May we never take you for granted again! 

Isaiah’s words could easily apply to those who teach as a profession.  But during this unique season of life, how pervasive is the need for those who can “sustain the weary with a word”.  Many of you have been that kind of teacher for me.  You pull me out of the weariness of these all-too-similar days that seem to run together and you accomplish that ministry with a word (or two!). 

With the pandemic came a flood of words.  Emails, YouTube videos, lengthy press conferences that boggle the mind, endless “Webinars” and “Zoominars” and such, all intended to offer words of encouragement through this season of unrest.  But sometimes just a word, the right word, is all that is needed to console the weary.  May God give each of us the tongue of a teacher for such a time as this.  And with that I will stop writing.

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