Connecting Beyond the Walls

Today’s word of hope comes to us from our own Rev. Amy McClure, associate pastor for children, senior adults & pastoral care. 

It’s Easter Monday and we have just celebrated the most important moment in the life of the Church! Jesus is alive! With every Easter that comes, I am reminded that it is a good time to reset, to have a fresh beginning, to experience newness. The disciples had to rethink what they were doing and seeing as they looked and saw Jesus – their Messiah – standing before them. These first moments were a chance to take the first step in sharing the Good News of Jesus! It was a fresh start after the previous days of extreme grief, sadness, darkness, and uncertainty.

As we start this first day after Easter, I encourage you to find something new to do – just one thing! Experience life in a new way, especially in this season of the Coronavirus. What is one new thing you can do to change your mindset and renew your spirit?

Perhaps you could…..

  Read that book that you’ve been trying to start for a long time to renew your mind –


Get outside and dig in the dirt a little – and perhaps experience new life in a new budding flower –


Foster or adopt a new pet from the humane society and see life in a new and exciting way as you care for one of our furry four-legged friends – 


Or start a regular routine of some kind of exercise, which can renew your mind and body –


 Whatever new thing you do, remember that you are so loved and not forgotten. The disciples knew Jesus was with them as they started their new journey of following the risen Christ!

May the peace of Christ be with you!





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