In Sunday’s Quarterly Church Conference presentation on the 2020 budget, several of you named a desire to read more in print regarding the church’s financial landscape in this season of budgeting and building work, beyond that which you have regularly seen and heard in various oral presentations. Today’s Post is an attempt to do just that! This will be a great deal of financial information — about our annual operating funds, our capital campaign funds, and our building project cost — that I hope will be helpful to you! But as always, should questions persist, please feel free to reach out to me, Scott Hudgins (chair, Finance Committee), David Smelcer (Treasurer), Sally Barbour (Church Accountant), or any member of the Finance Committee — Alice Cox, Larry Hovis, Mary Lib Slate, Smitty Smith, Jim Tew, and Ray Owen (Assistant Treasurer).   Click HERE for rest of Pastor Emily’s Post.

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