Every bit of the service bore her mark.

The prayers thoughtfully culled and created. The poetry precisely chosen. The hymns whittled down from a dozen to three which shared her vision (God’s vision!) for ministry in a hurting world. The “charge to the church” that she imagined could feel like a baby dedication, where the community promised to be her primary support network. (Never could she have imagined that Pastor Timothy would take that seriously and walk her up and down the aisle as we preachers do with newborns!) The scripture that spoke of resurrection, of grace and forgiveness, of fish, feast, and fire, of  honest space to “come and have breakfast.” The robe that was once worn by her great-grandfather. The quilted stole, red with the fire of Pentecost and calling, artfully and lovingly woven by her best friend. The vows she pledged to uphold where, among other things, she promised to “intentionally live in a manner worthy of your high calling, seeking always to show love to all people and conducting yourself wisely, graciously, and with integrity toward others.”

We laid our hands upon her, gripping hers in ours, pledging our encouragement and love even when both parties fall short. We cried tears of gratitude with her, celebrating Christ’s work in her life. We felt our own calling renewed — a calling to hold the Christ-light for our fellow pilgrims on the road.

And best of all? We shared a feast. She baked the communion bread herself, leaning into her gifts as one called to welcome the world to her table.

Sunday’s service of ordination was so abundant, so overflowing with God’s gifts in fullest measure, that what we captured in our hands simply could not be contained there. Indeed the floor bore the bounty! For when God calls us to the feast, even the crumbs that fall from the Master’s table spur on our Lord to say, “O woman, great is your faith!”

Great is your faith, Kaylee Godfrey! For the joy to bear witness to God’s work of Love in your life, we your church celebrate your abundant gifts for ministry. (Now invite us over for pancakes anytime!)

Together in the work of Love,
Pastor Emily

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