Like clockwork, I hear the strong and sturdy footsteps above my office, heralding his arrival each morning for another day in the work of Love. Except for Tuesdays, of course, when he has warmed up the church house in the dark, arising early in faithfulness to his small group who gather in candlelight and devotion. There are the nights I hear his steady beat pouring down from choir rehearsal or handbell practice, aligning his musicians with a rhythm and a song wider than any we might create ourselves. The easy laughter that peals throughout the hallway, the ever-present afternoon coffee in hand, the music whose artistry and beauty he demands because he knows God deserves our best, and the scripture he shares effortlessly, memorized from years of authentic relationship with the God he so loves. And somehow, when all these traits and talents converge in relationship with a beloved community at work, well, that’s when the magic happens!

David Williamson, gift and giver, has humbly arrived upon twenty years of ministry among us. The proverbial glue that has held our church together time and time again, David hasn’t just adhered us to one another, but to the God who gives us life. He has become my dear partner in ministry, so carefully attuned to God and to the movement of God’s church here on Fifth Street, that such Love spills forth in abundant measure. Through transition, conflict, grief, indifference, joy, and challenge, David’s steady faithfulness has been for this church perhaps the greatest gift to carry us from one season into and through the next. He is a minister of worship and the arts so very rare — with the skill and mastery of a consummate musician, and the sensitivity and disciple-making of a seasoned minister. Couple these with his substantial leadership and generous spirit, and you find one whose ministry has been no less than profoundly significant, no more than wholly transformative.

In celebration of twenty years, I honor the work of my conductor and colleague, minister and friend, giving thanks for those strong and sturdy footsteps that journey with us over such holy ground together and lead us right back to the One whose music fills this earth. Happy 20th anniversary, David! Here’s to 20 more!

Together in the work of Love,
Pastor Emily

Ps – Hope you’ll join us Sunday for grand worship to praise God and honor David!

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