Over the past few weeks, I have delighted in hearing stories of transformation.

Our youth who, after a weekend retreat together through which to deepen in relationship to God and each other, shared vulnerably with each other about their lives on an ordinary Wednesday night. Our women, who take the love of God through our church to the Dominican Republic, told of the impact of this message of hope even in hardship. Our caregiving of each other, simple yet profound and across boundaries that in any other community would be divisive, reminds us that ‘no matter the road, we walk it together.’ Our Deacons, whose long meeting and orientation on Sunday became a time of renewal and possibility, get to work for the good of the whole. And our Special Committee on Facilities and Mission, still dedicated to the task set forth for them more than two years later, ready themselves to share with you the nudging and clarity from God!

It is within this spirit that we will gather on Wednesday night to hear a story of transformation — our story. You shared that story back in November, as together we mined the past for hidden treasures within, ones we deeply desire to take with us into the future. We then awakened to the present moment, asking ourselves what is most important in the life of our fellowship. Finally we imagined the future, one full of all our assets — physical, emotional, relational, financial, spiritual.

Having captured all of these stories and hopes and questions and fears, the Special Committee stepped away to distill, discern, deeply listen for particular words and phrases that best articulate how we sense God beckoning us into the future. You see here my hopeful scribblings from that time of writing, trusting that the God in whom all things are made new will infuse us with new life, new language, new possibilities for transformation.

The Special Committee now comes back to you with those words, ready to let them open a new conversation. Please make every effort to join with your church family this Wednesday, February 7, 6:00-7:15 p.m. for the Special Committee’s presentation and report on mission and vision! You’ll also hear a preliminary update on our building project, one that hopes to add clarity even as we continue to seek specificity for next steps. I hope that you are there! For in our faithful practice and shared hope, transformation awaits!

Together in the work of Love,
Pastor Emily

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