Happy Easter, beloved community! Sunday’s Easter celebration was for me filled with the spirit of new life in abundance. From the early morning breakfast assembly of goodies and coffee and new outfits, to a Sanctuary teeming with people hungry to hear good news, to our annual decoration of the flower cross on our lawn, to the resounding hopefulness that covered it all, I left having worshiped in spirit and in truth with you Easter people!

When I arrived to church that day, I was struck by the sight you see here — that of the cross, adorned throughout Lent with the fabrics of the season. But on Easter morning, two ladders enveloped the cross. I knew when I saw them that they were there for flowering later that morning, signifying Easter’s springtime after a long and repentant Lent. But I appreciated the invitation it offered: that through the work of Jesus on the cross, it’s now time for us to get to work living out the promise of resurrection!

The work that went into creating a Lenten season, Holy Week, and Easter that we hope enables you to do just that isn’t accidental. So many hands and feet made our communal sharing in this high and holy time possible, and I am so grateful for each one!

  • The Worship Ministry Team (Ernestine Cleaver, Wally and Alice Cox, Linda Pepper, Ralph Messick) whose careful creation of the spaces we used throughout Lent, Holy Week, and
  • Easter observances were tremendously creative and most appreciated
  • The Hospitality Ministry Team (Kim Hovis, Sheree Jones, and all their volunteers) who made Easter brunch come to life
  • The choirs (Sanctuary Choir and Handbell Choir) whose worship leadership was deep and excellent all season long
  • The late Dick Peterson whose artistic vision enabled the Stations of the Cross we walked around the room and such special communion practice throughout the season
  • All the children’s workers (Ying Xiong, Kim Towles, Donnie Tacy) who cared meaningfully for our youngest
  • Our tirelessly faithful staff (David Williamson, Amy McClure, John Thornton, Sally Barbour, Amy Cook, John Young, Amy Turner, Jake Hill, Steve Hairston, and Hilaria Gomez-Lopez) who took orders for Easter lilies, set up spaces for services, created worship folders and all that filled them, prayed prayers, welcomed guests, led in song, shepherded acolytes, prepared our building for a large crowd, and did all of this and so much more with grace, kindness, and generosity. I count myself among the countless who are deeply blessed by their ministry, this day and every day!

Together in the work of Love,
Pastor Emily


Love from our family to yours!
(Even from our son who couldn’t
resist a little costumed flair on Easter!)



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