Illuminating Identity: A Winter Preaching Series for the Season of Epiphany
By the light of that Bethlehem star, we enter into the season of Epiphany, the time where we learn more about who Jesus Christ is and why he matters. The lectionary orients us primarily to the Gospel of Luke, where stories of Jesus’s early ministry illuminate for us his identity as Son and Savior, Healer and Liberator. But within the beam of the Light of the World, we too find our identity as God’s beloved children. In a day and time where our public personas can be curated with every post or tweet, in an era when ‘who we say we are’ differs as roles shift with passing time, in a cultural context that encourages differences between people to define their identity, and in a season within our church where we are leaning into our changing future, let the texts and commitments of Epiphany remind us of who and whose we are!

January 13 / Baptism of the Lord Sunday
“Illuminating Identity: Who and Whose You Are”
Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

January 20 / Deacon Ordination
“Illuminating Identity: Relational Beings”
John 2:1-11

January 27
“Illuminating Identity: Why You Are”
Luke 4:14-21

February 3
“Illuminating Identity: Permission to Grow”
Luke 4:21-30

February 10
“Illuminating Identity: What You Do”
Luke 5:1-11

February 17
“Illuminating Identity: Plain and Simple”
Luke 6:17-26

February 24
“Illuminating Identity: When It Gets Hard”
Luke 6:27-38

March 3 / Transfiguration Sunday
“Illuminating Identity: Holding On and Letting Go”
Luke 9:28-43a

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