For years, churches like ours have grappled with the growing reality that Wednesday night fellowship — once a one-stop shop for fellowship, prayer, musical training, and discipleship for all ages — struggles to continue providing for all these needs in this specific way.

Many of our members have named these specific struggles: kids and youth who rise early and work hard all day have little capacity for meaningful learning late on a Wednesday night; working adults who cannot get to the church house by 5:15pm; seniors whose attendance is affected in the winter. However, many have also named their high value on our mid-week gathering, a love for the musical training for kids and youth, and a desire to strengthen our cross-generational fellowship.

So with imagination and full trust that in trying something new, we may need to shift along the way, here is our new Wednesday schedule!

The first Wednesday of the month will be called “First Fellowship,” punctuated with a hot meal that anticipates a large crowd from many walks of life in which to enjoy it. Each subsequent week will also see a meal offered, but these will be more casual and light: meals able for you and your family to take them with you as you go, but also conducive to sitting and sharing in a meal together. Schedules for children and youth will retain their music and arts spiritual formation, while shifting earlier to more readily capture their attention. Space for committees and teams to meet at night will open up, as Bible Study and small groups for adults move to other days and times during the week. All in all, the gathered community at First on Fifth will remain in close fellowship with each other throughout the week, supporting people of all ages as they nurture their lives of faith. Come and be a part!

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