This year during the Lenten season, we wonder together: as we emerge of such a long season of death, endings, trauma, and disintegration — much of which has seemed senseless and deeply tragic — what might it mean for us to remember anew the meaningful death of Christ, a death that ultimately leads to life? How might we begin to orient our lives from the massive energies we’ve seen and experienced this year to prevent death now towards the energies we need to nurture life? Connecting the seven last words of Jesus spoken from the cross with the ‘leading causes of life’ as written by WFUBMC’s FaithHealth director Gary Gunderson, our worship throughout the Lenten season in 2021 will place us squarely on the cross with Christ — a space where Word and words lead from death to life. 

Sunday Worship during Lent

Sunday, February 21
Words to Live By: Forgive & Bless
Luke 23:34

Sunday, February 28
Words to Live By: Offer Hope
Luke 23:43

Sunday, March 7
Words to Live By: Take Care & Connect
John 19:26-27

Sunday, March 14
Words to Live By: Lament & Make Meaning
Matthew 27:26

Sunday, March 21
Words to Live By: Express Agency
John 19:28

Sunday, March 28
Words to Live By: Entrust Life to God
Luke 23:46

This year’s Holy Week observances are still being planned, with a close eye on what we might be able to do given the pace of covid cases and vaccinations in our community. Stay tuned to the eBlast for more information as we draw closer to those dates!

Lent-at-Home Kit Pick-Up and Missions Drop-off
Sunday, February 14, 12:00-1:00pm

All are invited to drive through the back parking lot at the church house, where there, the pastoral staff will give each individual or family a Lent-at-Home kit, filled with items to use for Ash Wednesday and for your journey through the Lenten season. We also invite you to bring items in support of the Street School, one of our missions partners at the John 3:16 Building that houses the Winston-Salem Center for Education and the Arts. They are asking for donations of the following items:

Diapers of all sizes for the children of the mothers enrolled
And yes, candy! (fun-size bars of Snickers, Baby Ruth, Hershey’s Chocolate, Gummy Bears, Skittles, etc.)

Ash Wednesday Worship
Wednesday, February 17, 6:30pm via Zoom

All are invited to join in our time of Ash Wednesday worship as we orient ourselves to the Lenten season with the ancient rituals of remembering ‘from dust we are, and to dust we shall return.’ All the materials you will need for worship will be in the Lent-at-Home kit for your use.

Word-a-Day Daily Practice
Every day throughout Lent on Facebook and Instagram

As we did during the Advent season, this year during Lent, all are invited to post an image, a quote, a Bible verse, or a story that our ‘word of the day’ prompts in your imagination. Each day, we will share an invitation on Facebook and Instagram to do just that, along with a word and image to ground you for the day. The list of words will be posted on our social media pages and will be available in your Lent-at-Home Kits!

** If you would like to share your creative talents through regular devotional emails to the congregation during Lent, please let Pastor Emily know! Using the aforementioned words of the day as a starting point for reflection, this could look like a written reflection (200-300 words), an art piece you create, a short video you record, or a song you sing or play. We’d love to have a variety of our voices shared in this way, so simply send her an email ( to let us know of your willingness to participate in this way!

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