Following last Tuesday’s discovery of plaster fallen from the sanctuary ceiling, our staff reacted swiftly and appropriately to relocate Sunday’s worship service to Kelly Auditorium. Information continues to be gathered on the cause of the fall, a review of the ceiling, and a plan to secure our space. We learned late last week that we will need to be out of the sanctuary for a minimum of 5-6 weeks. Therefore, as announced Sunday, we will hold our worship services in Kelly Auditorium until the sanctuary can be safely occupied.
As happened last week, deacons will be on hand as extra greeters, ensuring that the spirit of hospitality we value and practice so well follows us into the space. Extra signage will be in place to direct worshipers downstairs to Kelly for worship. Our TV crew will be set up for live-streaming, and all the familiar items we use in worship will be set up and ready for our use on Sunday.
We are grateful for your adaptable spirit! Worship this past Sunday was warm, inviting and authentic–as evidenced by the photos below! We look forward to seeing you again this Sunday as we worship the God who stirs in our midst!

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