At the center of the human experience and a long life of faithfulness is the experience of awakening, where God in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit invites a deepened awareness of something one had not yet known or seen such that one’s life is transformed by it. Awakenings grow out of relationships — with one another, with the world around us, with knowledge and wisdom and humility as companions on the road. And in the lives of ordinary and extraordinary saints alike, awakenings can change the course of life! 

Over the course of six congregational conversations on Wednesday nights this fall, we’ll explore together the experience of awakening in this cultural moment, listening for the beckoning of God as we bear witness to what we’re seeing anew. We’ll tell and hear sacred stories, we’ll read scripture and pray together, we’ll listen and learn, we’ll be quiet and speak, we’ll celebrate the gift of holy listening to each other without trying to convince or cajole. Together, it will become a space to bear witness to the Spirit’s profoundly-awakening breath, enlivening the possibility of transformation!

Save the Dates
Each conversation will take place on Zoom on these Wednesdays from 7:00-8:15pm. 

September 9 
Awakening to the World

September 23
Awakening to Race, part 1

October 7
Awakening to Race, part 2

October 21
Awakening to Gender & Sexuality, part 1

November 4
Awakening to Gender & Sexuality, part 2

November 18
Awakening to Transformation

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