After two presentations by the Special Committee on Facilities and Mission and robust times of Q&A on April 4 and 8, the church will vote after worship on Sunday, April 29 to approve the concept of Phase One of our building project. In summary, Phase One of the project will include the following:

  • Demolition of Buildings B & C
  • Related work alongside demolition, including asbestos abatement and backfill
  • Utility relocation of the electrical transformer and the boiler
  • Site work around the grounds once Buildings B & C are no longer here
  • Full replacement of the Building A roof
  • Exterior restoration of the tower, and all restoration at and above the roofline of Building A
  • Addition of bathrooms in the Sanctuary narthex
  • Temporary space for children and some offices

Full details about Phase One can be found HERE. Pending a vote of approval by the church, the project is slated to begin as early as June 1 and will last approximately 10-14 months. Many leadership bodies in the church (including our Deacons, House & Grounds, Finance, Special Committee, and staff) are working tirelessly together to attend to all the details that will enable this substantial transition to take place.

In addition to this vote on Phase One, the church will also vote to approve the utilization of our existing line of credit for initial expenditures of up to $1M, expenditures that enable the work to begin prior to our fall 2018 capital campaign. Ultimately, these dollars will be included in the Guaranteed Maximum Price given to us by our contractor, Frank L. Blum, a number that the church will receive and approve this summer. The total budget for Phase One of the project is approximately $5M.

Handouts detailing Phase One of the project are available at the link above, at the Welcome Center, and in the church office. Should you have questions regarding the content and scope of the April 29 vote, a time for further discussion about the impending project will come in the context of our Quarterly Church Conference on Wednesday, April 18, at 6:15 p.m.

Please make every effort to be present for these important times of discussion, discernment, and decision! May God grant us wisdom and courage for the living of these days in the life of First Baptist Church!

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