In preparation for the construction work to begin on July 2 at our building, we have learned from Frank L. Blum (our construction contractors) that the entirety of our back parking lot will be closed off for the duration of asbestos abatement and demolition of Buildings B & C. This is to create the space necessary to house all the construction equipment needed for this work and to ensure the safety of all folks entering and exiting the building.
We learned this week from our contractors that the total length of time for abatement and demolition will last around 10 weeks. Parking in the back lot throughout Phase One will be limited, but only during abatement and demolition will it be entirely off-limits. This will also impact our entry points into Building A, and we will give you that information as soon as we know it.
Thus, starting this Monday, July 2, and continuing until further notice, when you come to the church house for worship on Sundays or should you visit during the week, parking for the congregation is available in the following locations on or around our block:
  • The parking lot of the John 3:16 building at the corner of 6th and Poplar (anytime)
  • The Winston-Salem Journal parking lot and adjacent gravel lot at the corner of 5th and Spruce (Sundays)
  • Street parking at meters on 5th Street and Spruce Streets (anytime)
  • Street parking on Poplar Street (Sundays)
Within a block or two of the church are several parking garages and other surface lot options should you need them.
Thank you for your patience and flexibility in this impending season of transition!
This week around the church house…
  • We held our churchwide auction on Saturday, June 23. We had a great turnout and many, many items have found a new home.  Church pews will have a home in a new church, and kitchen equipment will help a young woman start her new bakery. Our church’s legacy of helping others in innovative ways now reaches from North Carolina to the outskirts of Detroit, and many places in between. Our thanks to all who helped facilitate this enormous undertaking!
Our youngest children enjoyed their new space in room 104 on Sunday, and our older children led us in prayer before moving their beloved prayer chain up to their new home on the 3rd floor.
  • New tables that are sized to fit in Kelly Auditorium arrived, just in time to be set up for our Patriotic Brunch on Sunday. These will allow for many meaningful conversations to be had as we break bread together!

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