This Epiphany season, we look for God’s revealing in the world, particularly through the Light that enlightens us all in Christ! Our lectionary readings in worship will orient us to what such a revealing and enlightening can look like in practice. For when God is at work, often God’s people — you! Me! Us! — are the ones who feel a particular call. This January, we’ll spend several weeks looking to the gospels at Jesus’s first experiences of call — his call to and experience of baptism, and his invitation to the disciples to ‘come and see’ and ‘follow me.’ What happens when God calls? What does that ask of us? And what does it actually mean in our lives if we respond? As the new year begins, come and see what might emerge as we listen together to God’s call this year!

January 12
Called by Name
Matthew 3:13-17

January 19
Called as Invitation
John 1:29-42

January 26
Called to Follow
Matthew 4:12-25

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