This week around the church house…


In the Sanctuary, work crews are finishing up their repair this week as we ready the space for reoccupation! Over the last several weeks, you know that each of the heavy ornamental plaster pieces surrounding the dome ceiling have been secured from both sides of the ceiling. The broken plaster piece has been prepared, reinstalled, and is being painted this week. Upon the conclusion of the plaster painting and a final inspection, the scaffolding will come down and the space given a good, hearty cleaning. We anticipate this happening next week! In next week’s Building Update, look for a long description of the Sanctuary work prior to our move back in.

Along the back part of the building, work continues on the brick and masonry on the back walls where Buildings B & C bridges used to be. All the asbestos mastic has now been removed, and the space is ready for patching and repair to take place. Over the next 3-4 weeks, you’ll see masonry scaffolding placed around both of those back doors as crews repair the sides of the building. Expect that only one of the doors will be closed down at any point! Speaking of doors, you’ve likely noticed the exposed ‘door to nowhere’ where one of the bridges used to stand. That will soon be replaced with a new window, creating a symmetrical look to the corresponding side and adding extra light into what is now the conference room. And best of all, grass on our new lawn is officially popping up!

The boiler room roof is slated to receive some chimney work this week, as well as river rock on the roof to diminish the effect of the bright white roofing and allow that space to more naturally blend in with the building. Railings around that roof will be painted this week too. 

The new transformer has now been set, and Duke Energy was on site this week preparing the ground for the work to replace the transformer and electrical panels. As a reminder, this will occur from September 23-27, and the staff will be working off-site that week.

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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