This week around the church house…

  • The crew from Foss Demolition has been hard at work these past few weeks, abating whatever asbestos they find inside and removing any fixtures and finishes (sinks, ceiling tiles, flooring, windows, etc.), all to prepare Buildings B & C for demolition. Building B is complete and ready, and they have moved into Building C to complete the same process.
  • New signage around the property and near both the WSCEA lot and Winston-Salem Journal lot is helping to clarify parking when members and visitors alike come to the building throughout the week. Plans are underway for more permanent signage to be installed soon, signage that will enable both the walking and driving public who pass by our church house to catch a glimpse of who we are and what we do.
  • Bids on the project are coming back in, and various leader bodies in the church (Special Committee, Capital Campaign Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and Deacons) are preparing to hear these in advance of our Quarterly Church Conference on August 22.
  • If you stick your head in the Baraca Room, you’ll notice a small office has been created within! This is to temporarily house folks from Frank L. Blum throughout the duration of Phase One. By creating a small office for them in the building, we avoid the rental fee of a trailer that would sit on the property during renovation. The face you’ll see most is that of Steve Hicks, our superintendent. Stay tuned for a brief story about and picture of Steve in next week’s eBlast!
  • John Young and Steve Hairston have been hard at work preparing the room that formerly served as the flower room to house various pieces of kitchen equipment (warming tower, refrigerator, ice maker, dry goods pantry). This space is set to receive a full renovation in Phase Two, turning it into a large kitchen for our use. Until then though, we are doing some smaller changes to allow it to become a preparation space with sinks, countertops, and some pantry-related storage. This week, the space has had work done regarding electrical, plumbing, and painting, all done to prepare it for the beginning of our fall programming.
  • In the coming weeks, we will see a few more small changes around Building A! The two breezeway doors will be replaced with glass doors that were formerly in Buildings B & C, allowing for greater natural light and ease of entry into Building A. You’ll also see changes in the hallway near the main church offices, where the ramp that had led to the Welcome Center will come out and a small room formed in its place.  

Thank you for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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