It is a JOY to announce that our back parking lot will be open and ready for cars this Sunday, August 25! It’s been over a year since we’ve been able to park in our back lot, and we are thrilled to begin doing so again this week! Staff and member-greeters will be out in the lot by 8:30am to help you park and find your way into the building. Over the next several weeks, work will continue on the back side of the building (repairing and replacing brick around the former breezeways, installing new doors, and finishing construction), but no longer will this construction impede parking in the lot. 

The copper roofing on and around the dome is nearly complete! We have learned that the good folks of BakerRoofing will have the dome finished next week. After that, the only piece of roofing that will still need to be replaced is the copper for the A-frame roof over the Sanctuary portico, which will happen after the scaffolding comes down in October. 

Painting and cleaning continue around the roofline, as this part of restoration nears its conclusion.

Lifts have encircled the building to ensure the work is done with care. Last week, a crew of folks went on an extensive tour up the tower to inspect the restoration work that is nearing its conclusion. Terra cotta blocks have been removed in preparation for their replacement in a month, and all looks good for this final stage of our tower restoration!

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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