This week around the church house…

  • Interior demolition work on Buildings B & C is nearing an end! This week saw the removal of several of our treasured windows in and around the chapel, which have been saved for our future repurposing. Starting on Monday, demolition of the two bridges that connect Buildings B & C to Building A over the breezeway will begin! This is a necessary first step before the full buildings can come down. This type of demolition is mostly hand-done and will take place slowly throughout the week. During this time, breezeway access will be limited. There will be no access to the breezeway doors during the week, but we will have access to the breezeway doors on Sundays. Should you come to the church house during the week, you will need to enter into the building from the Spruce Street door between the Baraca Room and Kelly Auditorium.
  • To the right, you’ll see a picture of two folks to know: Steve Hicks (left in the construction vest) and Jon Goode (right in the black shirt). Both of these men work for Blum and are part of our construction team that will be with us for the duration of our project. Steve is the superintendent on our project, and he will be on-site every day during construction. Jon is the Project Manager, and he oversees the work here at First Baptist. If you’re thinking, ‘we already have a John and Steve who work on our building,’ you’d be right! John (Young) and Steve (Hairston) anchor our church’s facilities, and adding another Jon and Steve to the team has already been interesting — and funny!
  • A few odds and ends. The new electrical transformer was ordered this week and is in process! Various permits for our project are now making their way through the city’s permitting office. Final preparations are being made to ready the small food prep room and the Baraca Room for their new usage in the next couple of weeks.
  • Folks from staff and Special Committee were hard at work with our design team this week, preparing the Guaranteed Maximum Price for Deacons and church to hear in the coming week. Please make every effort to be part of this conversation in our Quarterly Church Conference on Wednesday, August 22, from 6:15-7:15pm in Kelly Auditorium!

Thank you for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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