This week around the church house…

Take a look at the copper panels on our roof! They are stretching wide over the dome on the 5th Street side of the building and shining brightly in the sun. Around the roofline and tower, painting on the cornice work unfolded this week all around the top edge of the education building.

This week in the back lot, concrete was poured and finished for sidewalks and the handicapped parking pad. Work will soon begin on the remaining pieces that will finish up our work in the back, including refurbishing the playground for its future usage, covering the Poplar Street-side of the lot with seed and straw, fixing the back fascia of the building where the breezeway bridges had been attached, and preparing the space for our use. This work continues on pace, and we look forward to a time soon when it will be open and ready for reoccupation!

We spent a good bit of time this week on the scaffolding in the Sanctuary, working closely with experts on plaster repair and gathering as much information as possible to make the best decision on how to move forward.

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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