This week around the church house…

Copper panels continue to be installed on the roof, and the cornice area around the top of the building is being scraped for fresh paint this week. Work on the tower moves along on schedule, with most of the restoration work now complete except for the installation of the new terra cotta unit blocks which are being built now.

This week in the back lot, the ground was prepared for the addition of car stops in the gravel parking lot, as well as concrete for the handicapped parking spaces near the building. A separate crew also removed all the debris that was once thought to be old underground gas tanks, but was found to be debris from the gas station demolition when it was torn down years ago! Their excavation produced mounds of tires, mufflers, tile, concrete, you name it!

Work unfolded in the new prayer room this week, with the installation of carpet and staining of the woodwork encasing the stained glass window. Crews also demolished two walls in the old bridal suite area this week, which will enable the formation of a new classroom, storage closet, and rearranged bathroom setup in that space. 

Many of you have been wondering about how things are progressing in the Sanctuary. There is still much we do not know, but we do know after review that the plaster ceiling structure in the Sanctuary is in stable and secure condition. This is good news! Careful examination of the ornamental plaster pieces, which, when it was built, were adhered to the ceiling and not sculpted into it, will guide the next steps of our response about how we move forward. The stair tower addition to the Sanctuary scaffolding was completed this week, allowing for a more comprehensive review of this ornamental plaster around the dome. This should accelerate a decision about what steps to pursue next. As soon as we at the church know more, you will know more too! 

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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