Work on the roof has started up the dome! Copper paneling has bound the seams of the dome, and large sheets of copper are next to be installed. Around the roof, work will continue this week in painting cornices and A-frame sections, as well as around the top of the education building.

Restoration work continues on the tower with color-matching of the terra cotta to be completed this week. All the lead-Ts that hold joints together have been installed and the vertical repointing is finished. Concrete repairs inside the tower will take place this week as well. 

In the back of the lot, all the gravel stone for our added parking is in! Soon to follow will be the installation of the car stops in the gravel lot, as well as the concrete pad and painted parking spots for handicapped accessibility close to the building. As this part of our work nears another milestone, work will begin on the back side of our building: removing the black tar, matching new bricks, and repairing the facade where the bridges over the breezeway to Buildings B & C once were attached.

Interior work is in the final leg, as this week and next will see the prayer room painted, light fixture installed, and carpet added. Next week will also hold work near the nursery, as we are moving toward completing the bridal suite space that had been used for access to the new boiler room. 

Discovery work continues in the Sanctuary this week, and the addition of a stair tower to ascend safely to the ceiling platform will aid in the careful review of the ceiling plaster. We continue to be patient as this work unfolds, knowing that until the roofer is done on the dome, no repair work will take place on the plaster. Until then, workers are assessing the state of the ceiling and decorative pieces to determine the best next steps moving forward. 

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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