This week around the church house…

Scaffolding erection in the Sanctuary has been completed as of this week! Stretching high to the ceiling, the scaffolding fully encircles the inner dome to allow for plaster experts to fully assess the state of the ceiling plaster under the fallen piece, as well as the rest of the decorative and non-decorative parts of the plaster to ensure its safety and security. Once a plaster expert can offer an initial assessment, this will determine the best way to for us to move forward and the timing we can anticipate for the remainder of the work.

In the back of the lot, grading of the dirt has been completed such that the gravel that will soon form our new parking can start arriving on-site! It should take several weeks to install the gravel, after which the work creating the concrete handicapped parking places, sidewalks, and curbs can be done. Initial work on the 6th Street side of the building will soon follow, removing the tar adhesive that existed between the breezeway bridges and the building and repairing damage from the bridge removal.

In order to best care for the various instruments and items around our building that would be negatively impacted by multiple days of summer heat, we will shift the full electrical shutdown, enabling the installation of a new transformer and electrical panels, from mid-July to mid-September. The exact date and more details will be forthcoming!

On the tower, we have a confirmed delivery date for new terra cotta from our terra cotta manufacturer, anticipating its delivery the week of September 21. As you may remember, this sets the timeline for the full completion of the project, and means that we’re looking to late October / early November for completion!

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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