This week around the church house…

  • The ramp handrails were installed earlier this week and will be painted today! Seed and straw will cover the ground next week to begin rerooting some grass on the lawn. 
  • All the roofing on the flat parts of our roofs have been completed! This week, we have seen some great views of our roofers replacing the copper on the dome. The copper has been removed from 2/3 of the dome and should be completely removed by early next week. The installation of our new copper gutters has begun, and the replacement of the smaller dome on the tower will be part of next week’s work as well. 
  • We give thanks for several weeks of fantastic weather for the dirt fill in the back of the lot! Hot and dry days allow for continuous trucking in of dry dirt from the quarry, such that the entire area is now level. This is great news as we continue to see meaningful progress in the back.
  • The tower’s restoration continued this week, as workers finished all the cleaning and are now in process of matching the correct colors for terracotta repairs.

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!


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