This week around the church house…

Work on the roofs continued this week, as crews focused on the downspouts from the roof. This will ensure that water issues stemming from the roof will be completely addressed. The work on the tower restoration has moved into the repairing and patching phase. While the pieces of terra cotta needing complete replacement are away being built, this slow work of restoration will keep work on the tower moving forward.

We have now reached the point in our backfill of dirt in the back lot where we’re merely weeks away (pending continued hot and dry weather) of reaching the completion of backfill, a feat in the dead of our wet winter that we weren’t sure would ever come! Soon to follow will be the replacement of the duct bank and electrical transformer, as well as storm drainage around the lot.

The painting of ramp handrails was completed this week, and the ramp inches ever closer to its readiness for our use! This week, our House & Grounds Committee is working closely with the folks from Blum to find the best possible solution for new 2nd floor doors into the building. We want to ensure the most accessible entry for anyone who needs it! Upon the installation of handicapped accessible doors here, we will dedicate the ramp for its use.

Catch a glimpse here into the biweekly OAC meetings (Owner Architect Contractor) that keep our project moving along smoothly!

Finally, we hope you saw the front page story in Monday’s Winston-Salem Journal featuring our church’s building project to revitalize our presence in downtown Winston-Salem! If you haven’t yet read it, you can find it online here:

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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