This week around the church house…

Yesterday (Wednesday), Michelle Walter (our historic preservationist) and Steve Hicks (our superintendent) scaled the tower scaffolding for a first assessment of the site! Their work yielded a number of fascinating pictures, several of which you see below. The left photo shows a corner piece in need of resetting. The center photo shows cracks in the corner terra cotta blocks, illustrating the type of blocks that will need a full replacement. The left photo shows a corner piece in need of resetting. The right photo shows efflorescence build up from water passage and cracking in the corner terra cotta joint. Our wonderful crew is now preparing for the first steps of cleaning and block removal of the cracked blocks, and we’ll begin to see a great deal of activity atop the tower soon! Check out our Facebook page for more tower photos!

Today (Thursday), the new chiller has landed! Next steps will involve the electricians and HVAC experts connecting the device for its use. You might remember that Phase One of our building project also involves the addition of new electrical panels and a new transformer, all scaled to the new size of our building. Because they will be located in the back part of our lot, we need to wait until the weather allows for more progress in the back to install this new electrical work. For now, the chiller will attach to the old systems for our use, and we look forward to the time it will connect to a new source of power in the future!

Concrete blocking for our handicapped ramp continued this week, thanks to several days of cold but dry weather!

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!


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