This week around the church house…

Scaffolding has ascended even higher up our steeple tower this week! At long last after weeks of assembly, the scaffolding construction is nearly complete. Look for it to be finished within a week or so!

The run of warmer, drier weather over the past couple of weeks has dried out the ground such that truckloads of dirt can now be brought into our lot! Were you to come down to the church house today or tomorrow, you’d see a good deal of action in the back. Our contractors shared with us an interesting statistic — apparently we still need some 17,000 yards of dirt to finish filling the hole in our back lot. Each truck coming from the quarry carries 15-18 yards of dirt within. Thus, we still need about 1000 truckloads in order to complete the fill! As our contractors continue to remind us: every little bit helps!

Over the next two weeks, the final fixtures will fully complete our new bathrooms. The permanent doors and door hardware will be installed, along with the completion of the door thresholds and shoe molding around the outside of the bathroom. Baby changing stations and dispensers for paper towels and soap will be coming soon too!

On our Poplar Street side of the building, lots of activity has unfolded this week! Concrete footings for the ramp are giving it new shape, and the added concrete wall to shore up the elevator shaft has been completed. Workers continue with the boiler room construction, where they have moved mostly into the underground tunnels running the pipes from the new boiler to the mechanical room. Testing these pipes and insulating them will be the next step, as we move towards completion on this part of our project within the next several weeks.

We’ll see two more appearances of a large crane on our property — once to remove the old chiller atop our building on February 21, and again a week later to place the new chiller back on the roof. We’ll look forward to having a chiller appropriately sized for our building, one that is more energy efficient and sustainable to cool our space!

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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