“Oh the weather outside is frightful…” Even though snow has melted and Winston-Salem is drying out from our big weather event last week, we continue to experience the delays to our construction project from the snow! After nearly the wettest fall on record and sitting under 14” of snow for nearly a week, the ground out front was still too wet and soft to begin erecting the scaffolding this week as planned. Our contractors have prepared the crushed stone base for the scaffolding, but we’re looking to early January now for scaffolding to go up. We’ll be ready for cranes and lots of activity around the Fifth Street side of the lot!

A flurry of work has unfolded this week in our new bathrooms! This week has seen the arrival of mirrors, baby changing stations, handicapped grab bars, and exhaust fans. Wall tile has been completed, and the doors will go in any day. In the days immediately following Christmas, subcontractors will install the floor tile, sinks, toilets, wood casings for the door, and ceilings. Painters will come in soon after, and then small finishing touches like dispensers will be added. The final step will be the replacement of carpet right around the narthex bathrooms. We’re aiming for early January for their use!

Steel and metal decking for the boiler room was completed this week, and brick for the exterior is next to arrive. Our contractor is waiting for some clear, dry weather to pour the concrete pad for the boiler. Assuming that clear weather, the boiler room roof will go in right after Christmas, as well as the room’s chimney. Once these pieces are completed, the boiler itself will be assembled within. As the exterior work on the boiler room nears the end, building of the handicapped ramp will be next!

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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