This week around the church house…

  • As you might imagine, the 14” snowfall made for an interesting week around the church house with our building project! Like every other area around our city, work has stalled or been delayed because of the snow. Everything from the dirt fill in the back lot, adding the roof on the boiler room, mobilizing the scaffolding around the front of the building, receiving final deliveries of bathroom items for the three new restrooms, and beginning the handicapped ramp all have been affected by the snow. As weather begins to clear, you’ll start to see more progress in these areas! We give thanks for the way that rain and snow refresh the soil, and hope for drier weather to soon give us some traction on the exterior portions of our project!

  • Speaking of scaffolding, beginning Monday, December 17, preparations for its building will be in full swing, accompanied by fencing around the front of our building for safety! Assuming the weather forecast holds and we can enjoy several dry days early next week, the scaffolding subcontractor will mobilize and begin building the base. Because of the complexity of the project, it will take nearly two months just to build the scaffolding! Fortunately once it’s up, all the roofing and restoration will be primed and ready to go.

  • Foundation work will soon begin for the new ramp. In addition, some structural work to shore up the walls surrounding the ramp will be completed as the ramp work starts.

  • Our bathroom completion is at the mercy of deliveries delayed by the snow, but our contractors are ready to install the remaining components as soon as they arrive!

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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