This week around the church house…

Many of you have asked about the recent graffiti on the top of our tower, and how it has been handled. The church got word on Saturday that graffiti had been found atop the tower within reach of the highest level of scaffolding and within the tower on the steel beams inside. Thanks to the swift and steady work of our construction team, all the graffiti has been removed. We remain grateful that no one got hurt in the process! In today’s update, you can see pictures of the graffiti, as well as the tower now with the paint removed.

Scaffolding continues to come down this week, and today, crews are working hard to remove the big red beams that had grounded the tower work for months.

The work on the back of the building to complete the masonry work nears its conclusion!

And finally, as the project begins to wind down, please mark your calendars for Sunday, November 24, where we will celebrate the end of our building project with a morning of fellowship and thanksgiving! We’ll gather for a pot-luck breakfast that morning during the Bible Study hour, mark the occasion in worship, and offer our dedication to the new ramp and prayer room. Read more about this in the eBlast over the next few weeks, and make your plans now to gather with your church family that morning!

Thanks for your patience in this season of transition!

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